Heartwood is honored to be a finalist in 2 categories in the Native American Native Style Flute Awards (NASFA) for our first CD!

Listen here

Heartwood is an organic world fusion ensemble featuring multicultural rhythms and heart-centered melodies. Our original songs create harmony from diversity by combining the hauntingly beautiful and beguiling melodies of Native American-style and other world flutes with digeridoo, ngoni, West African gyil, African drums, tubanos, handpans, and frame drums.




2 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. So where can I go to hear you? This is Gail from Montefiore. Used to be coworker of band member. Sorry forgot your name. He gave me business card. I think his wife still working at Montefiore. Great photos!



    1. Hi Gail – like our page on Facebook (Heartwood) for events and check the events page on the website. We’re playing at Studio 208 in Cornwall on Hudson on May 14 and at the Hastings in Hudson waterfront park on June 4.


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