Heartwood is a world music ensemble featuring Julie & Alvin Harris and Celine Daly. Julie is an award-winning Native American flute player who won first place in the prestigious Musical Echoes Flute Competition in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and was featured playing Native American flute on a track she wrote, Talking Leaves, on the Pete Seeger/Jeff Haynes audiobook, The Storm King. Alvin is of Arawak descent and makes Native American flutes in addition to playing them. Celine is a multi-instrumentalist with a special love for the magic of the flute. Celine’s CD is entitled “Sound Journey” and she conducts sound baths together with Julie as Harmonic Alchemy,  combining Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, and the healing sounds of Native American flute.

Master Drummer Maxwell Kofi Donkor is a regular guest performer. Kofi is originally from Ghana and leads Sankofa, an African Drum and Dance Ensemble. Both Julie and Alvin also perform with Sankofa.  Julie, Alvin, Celine, and Kofi are affiliated with the Music for People leadership program founded by David Darling, Grammy Award-winning cellist. Julie and Alvin co-facilitate the SongCatchers Flute Circle in Sugarloaf, NY.



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